Here Comes the Bride!

It’s June, a time when many of us marry . . . or attend weddings of others. There are many theories about why June is a popular month for weddings — including the one that explains that in olden days folks bathed only once a year, in the spring, and so in June they were likely to smell better than at other times!

Clearly, that explanation no longer holds water (pun intended), but still we tend to think about June brides, and wedding planners, florists and churches are always booked up for the month of June.

I thought you might enjoy some of the wedding pictures from my family history, although not all of the celebrations occurred in the fabled month of June. In the coming days, I’ll also be sharing interesting stories about how some couples embarked on wedded bliss.

Jesse & Frances Carpenter honeymoon

Fannie Gardner & Jesse Carpenter (4th cousin 3 rem) on their honeymoon

ann hardin

Ann Hardin (7th cousin) & Barney Grimes

anna born

Anna Born (4th cousin), bride of Clarence Cox

david wild wedding

David Wild (brother) & Ann Hudson

Gaul wedding2

George Gaul & Easter Cusick (grandparents)

edgar wayland

Yvonne Shaner & Edgar Wayland (6th Cousin 1 rem)

ellen rush

Ellen Rush (4th Cousin) & Tom Barrick

Jane Cusick Parker

John Parker & Jane Cusick (2nd cousin 1 rem)

john reed2

John Reed & Erma Wild Taylor (aunt)

joseph & Mary broyles

Joseph Broyles (4th cousin 3 rem) & Mary Walker

judith mckay

Judith McKay (6th cousin 1 rem) & Richard Sides

kari noblett

Spencer Essenpreis & Kari Noblett (3rd cousin 2 rem)

laura howe

Barbour Howe (6th cousin 1 rem), bride of Dudley Pilcher

Laura Guenthner (1)

Laura Guenthner (3rd cousin 1 rem), bride of Gregory Debeer

lena fowler

Lena Fowler (3rd cousin) & Bob Kinsella

lena yeager

Lena Yeager (5th cousin 2 rem) & John Gilbert

louise spelling wedding.jpg

Ray Wild & Louise Spelling (grandparents)

mariana jordan

Mariana Jordan & Stanton Ramsey (6th cousin)

marion beam

Suzie Short & Marion Beam (3rd cousin)

mary leone beam

Mary Leone Beam (3rd cousin) & William Cox

mattie shirley

Samuel Shirley (3rd cousin 4 rem) & Mattie Hunt

Franklin and Leila Broyles

Leila Watkins & Franklin Broyles (4th cousin 1 rem)

Mary Lee Van Meter

Stonewall Dorsey (5th Cousin 1 rem) & Mary Lee Van Meter

Nannie and Fielden Hust wedding

Lewis Hust & Nannie Benham (2nd cousin 1 rem)

Tom & Beulah Hopson wedding

Tom Hopson & Beulah Ransdell (7th cousin)

ethyl swan broyles

Watkins Broyles (5th cousin 1 rem) & Ethel Swan

thelma allen

Clifford Strader & Thelma Allen (7th cousin 1 rem)

Frederic Wayland

Frederick Wayland (6th cousin 1 rem) & Sarah Meredith

mary boyd

Mary Agnes Boyd (6th cousin 1 rem), bride of Lewis Summers

jphn carrell

John Carrell & Margaret Vertrees (2nd cousin 2 rem)

Nancy Shirley Baber

Nancy Shirley Baber (5th cousin 1 rem), bride of John Kern

norman & phyllis coats

Phyllis Prien & Norman Coats (7th cousin 1 rem)

Rodney & Jane Ashby

Jane Stevenson & Rodney Ashby (6th cousin 1 rem)

Virgil Mattingly (1)

Virgil Mattingly (4th cousin 1 rem) & Mary Pearl Cissell (2nd cousin 1 rem)

wm clyde corbett

Clyde Corbett (3rd cousin 1 rem) & Emma Eisenschreiber









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