With horse racing in full swing at Keeneland in Lexington and hatmakers churning out their finest creations for the Kentucky Derby just a short ten days away in Louisville, it’s time to share some family photos of horses we’ve enjoyed and appreciated across the country, and away from the track, (with a couple of mules thrown in for good measure).

laila on horse2

Laila Wild (aunt)

Laila on horse

Laila Wild (aunt)

sharon on horse

(from right, Jack Wild, Leland & Steele Smith, Sharon)

coxes on horse

Pam, Cindy & Steve Cox (nieces/nephew)

earl kenney

Earl Kenney (7th cousin)

kelly's coffee co

Kelly’s Coffee Co. delivery wagon (owned by 2nd cousin 2x rem)

michael basham

Michael Basham (husband of 1st cousin 2x rem)

felix broyles

Felix Broyles (4th cousin 3x rem)

luther broyles

Luther Broyles (6th cousin 1x rem)

clarence boyer

Clarence Boyer (6th cousin 1x rem)

george bolin

George Bolin (6th cousin)

james beall

James Beall (4th cousin 3x rem)

dale fuqua

Dale Fuqua (7th cousin)

andrew meyerhoeffer

Andrew Meyerhoeffer (4th cousin 3x rem)

james broyles2

James Broyles (4th cousin 3x rem)


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