With All the Frills Upon It

Are you one of the few remaining ladies who wear an Easter bonnet? When I sang in the church choir, we were able to look out upon the congregation and count the spring hats that were part of every lady’s and girl’s finery (oh, never during the sermon, of course!). Regrettably, both the number and the size of the hats shrank with the passage of time.

Judging from my collection of family photographs, many of my relatives (men and women alike) had quite a wardrobe of chapeaux. Here are some of my favorites; clearly they weren’t all Easter bonnets, but they were nevertheless wondrous creations!

lydia elizabeth hollingsworth

Lizzie Hollingworth Wild (great grandmother)

martha turney

Martha Turney Hollingworth (great great aunt)

emma spelling3

Helen Coleman, Erma Wild, Louise Wild, Laila Wild (1st cousin 1 rem; aunt; grandmother; aunt)

emma spelling2

Michael Coleman, Erma Wild, Emma Spelling Coleman, Laila Wild (great uncle, aunt, great aunt, aunt)

laila and erma

Laila and Erma Wild (aunts)

laila wild10

Laila Wild (aunt)

Edith Chinnock Wild

Edith Chinnock Wild (great aunt)

Maggie Cusick

Maggie Cusick, great aunt

James and Maggie Reed

James & Maggie Cusick Reed (great uncle, great aunt)

ew25 (2)

Jack & Ezra Mae Wild (father, mother)


David & Rae Wild (brotther, sister)


Ezra Mae, Rae, David Wild (mother, sister, brother)


Sharon & Ezra Mae Wild (me, mother)


Rae, Sharon, Ezra Mae Wild (sister, me, mother)

lucinda tanner

Lucinda Tanner (3 cousin 3 rem)

ethel fairmont

Ethel Ryer Snyder (wife of 5 cousin 2 rem)

beulah shrewsbury

Beulah Shrewsbury (3 cousin 2 rem)

beulah may broyles

Beulah May Broyles (6 cousin 1 rem)

Martine yewell

Martine Yewell, driving (4 cousin 2 rem)

laurinda overstreet

Laurinda Overstreet Shirley (wife of 5 cousin 5 rem)

rena shaw

Rena Shaw (5 cousin 1 rem)

thelma kelly

Florence, Euphemia & Thelma Kelly (3 cousin 1 rem and 2 cousin 2 rem)

euphemia smith

Euphemia Snyder Kelly (2 cousin 2 rem)

peter kelly

Peter & Euphemia Kelly (2 cousin 2 rem)

edith wiggington

Edith Wiggington Garr (wife of 4 cousin 3 rem)

appolonia blair

Appolonia Corbett (wife of 1 cousin 3 rem)

jemima wilhite

Jemima Wilhite Cook (2 cousin 5 rem)

price & evelyn cook

Price & Evelyn Cook (4 cousin 2 rem)

laura haydon

Laura Haydon (3 cousin 3 rem)

maybelle campbell

Maybelle Campbell Boyd (wife of 6 cousin 1 rem)

mary boyd

Mary Agnes Boyd (6 cousin 1 rem)

amanda cook

Amanda Barton (wife of 2 cousin 5 rem)

ollie yager

Ollie Yager (5 cousin 2 rem)

sarah boren

Sarah Yager (wife of 4 cousin 3 rem)

ruth & avis yewell

Ruth & Avis Yewell (4 cousins 2 rem)

hallie wilhoite

Hallie Wilhoite, left (wife of 4 cousin 2 rem)

louise fray

Louise Fray (5 cousin 2 rem)

rua margaret campbell

Rua Campbell (4 cousin 2 rem)

margaret barton

Margaret Barton (2 cousin 5 rem)

2 thoughts on “With All the Frills Upon It

  1. The picture of your aunt Laila in the heavy, light-colored coat (she looks like a teenager or young adult in the picture) reminds me a lot of Lisa!


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